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OMP 2 code (all MATLAB > 5.0)





  • 11. Dec. 2013:
    Fixed NNLS incompatibility with all versions >6
  • 14. Dec. 2005:
    Fixed NNLS incompatibility with version 6
    Put a more robust data selection criterium
    Added new contour_bio.m to display results from 'extended OMP analysis' runs
    Revision of contour2 routine to handle NaN data
    New testcase for extended OMP analysis application in 'incontr3.m'
    New 'testdata' set
  • 11. Jan. 2005: Gap are now indicated through NaN (Not a number) rather than a -9 to allow to incorporate negative value in the analysis (useful for oxygen isotope data analysis)
  • 30. Sept. 2004: Added switch to use either NNLS.M or LSQNONNEG.M (upward compatible with Matlab > 6.5).
  • 05. Dec. 2000: bug in improvement from 4. May 2000 corrected.
  • 04. May 2000: changed some limitations about upper and lower boundaries in the files. The new version should allow the user to select a data range to be analysed as he want eg. density range or/and oxygen range. The variables uplimit and lolimit (indicating pressure limits for the analysis) are removed and a new variable "selection" is introduced.
  • 25. Jan. 2000: changes in OMP2.M, OMP2INT.M etc to avoid error messages due to new MATLAB release. Included potential density in standard output.
  • 03. Dec. 1999: again def_sources.m changed
  • 26. Oct. 1999: changed def_sources.m again (problem with gap variable)
  • 20. Oct. 1999: changed def_sources.m and include source region data set (sources_data.mat) -> uptdated *.tar.gz and *.zip
  • 22 Jul. 1999: New release OMP 2 added
  • 09 Mar. 1999: Some minor changes in the README.* file
  • 09 Mar. 1999: File testdata.mat coverted to be MATLAB 4.2 readable
  • 16 Oct. 1998: Added nansum.m script
  • 07 Sept. 1998: First release.